Training Courses

We have extensive experience in developing courses to meet specific training needs, the most important courses that we deliver:

1.     ISO 9001 and internal audit.

2.     ISO 22000.

3.     ISO14001.

4.     Health and safety professional 18001.

5.     Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP(.

6.     Receipt of raw materials and evaluation of suppliers in the food industry.

7.     Cleaning programs in the food industry.

8.     Preparation of food traceability programs.

9.     Risk analysis in food establishments.

10. Risk analysis of occupational safety.

11. Environmental impact assessment.

12. Strategic planning and strategy building.

13.  Performance Indicators and Data Analysis.

14.  Principles of Institutional Excellence.

15. Criteria for King Abdullah II Award for Excellence

Training Courses